Classes 2000 & Beyond

Class 05-10 is the last class to fly the T-37 Aircraft at Laughlin. All classes now flying the T-6A Texan II.
Class 15-03 donated by:
 Lt Gary Rogers

Class 15-06 donated by:
 Lt Kim Jackson

Class 15-07 donated by:
 Lt Nick Fisher

Class 15-12 donated by:
 Lt Elias Barry
Class 12-10, 13-10 and 14-06 donated by:
 1Lt Mckenzie   Kane

Class 06-06 donated by:
 Maj Catherine Christ

Class 17-07 donated by:
 Lt Ryland DePol

Class 09-09(both)
donated by: Major
Steven Bogert

Class 17-05 (both) Donated by: 1Lt J.T.Pettet

Class 18-01 Donated by; 2Lt Sean Casey

Class 18-09 Donated by: 2Lt Chris Gallo