Classes 2000 & Beyond

Class 03-08 is first class at Columbus to fly the T38-C modification (Glass Cockpit)

Class 08-09 is the last class at Columbus to train in the T-37 Tweet Aircraft

Class 14-01 designed by Lt Chip Chaffin

Class 15-02 patch created and donated by 2Lt Rob Frisch (track selected to T-1As)

Class 15-05 patch donated by: 2Lt Brian Smith

Class 15-09 patch donated by: 2Lt Joseph Hollway

  Classes 15-11, 12 and14 donated by Capt. Mike Orzel, IP (48FTS)

Class 16-15 patch donated by Lt Nick Roegner

Class 17-06 patch donated by 2Lt Scyler Gale

Class 00-03 donated by:  Mr. Randy Newton

Class 17-12 donated by      1Lt Joshua Hunt

Class  17-14 & 17-10 donated by 2Lt Chris McCoy

Class 01-05  donated by David Wilson, USAF (Ret)

Class 16-13 Friday donated by             1Lt Ali Rizvi

Class 16-14 donated by: Maj. Jon Ostwalt

Class 17-14donated by Capt. Molly Sexton