Fort Rucker

SUPT-H - Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training - Helicopter

SUPT-H/Ft. Rucker  1971 thru 1977 was a detachment of the 3615PTW from Craig AFB. In 1977, Craig closed and it became a detachment of the 14FTW at Columbus AFB, Ms.
31 Jan 1980 -Detachment was replaced by the 3588FTS(H). The squadron reported directly to HQ ATC Deputy Chief of Staff.
MAY 1980 -  First Female enters UPT-H. Lt Mary Wittick enters class 81-05.
1 Oct 1990 - 3588th reassigned as  a detachment of the 14 FTW at Columbus AFB.
18 Oct 1991 - 3588th is deactivated and ATC establishes Det-1/14FTW at Ft Rucker.
22 Dec 1993 - Redesignated as 23rd Flying Training Flight.
21 Dec 1999 - Redesignated as 23rd Flying Training Squadron.