Air Training Command
1943 to 1993

Mar 1960 - ATC began consolidation of Pre-flight, Primary & Basic Pilot Training under single military units with military instructors.                       (UPT) Undergraduate Pilot Training.

Dec 1960 - 7 bases selected for this new combined flight training UPT, (Craig, Vance, Webb, Reese, Williams, Moody & Laredo) using the T37 & T33.

17 Mar 1961 - ATC took possession of 1st T-38 Jet Trainer (Tail#195) at Randolph AFB and began replacing the T33.

August 1961 - ATC adopts motto "Prepare the Man".

29 Jul 65 - ATC adopts new 53 week/240 flight hours course beginning with classes 67-A.

26 Jan 67 - The one millionth flying hour flown in the T-38 is accomplished by Lt Gen Sam Maddux Jr (ATC/CC) and Col Woodard Davis Jr (3510FTW/CC).

Mid 1968 - ATC adopts "single-phase" pilot training squadron concept (1 squadron for the T-37 and      1 squadron for the T-38).

Jan 1970 - ATC receives last T-37 aircraft into inventory.

Jul 1970 - ATC reduces UPT from 53 weeks to 48 weeks (240 hours to 208.5 hours).

31 Jan 72 - ATC takes delivery of last T-38 aircraft (tail#70-1956) for a total of 1114 accepted.

"Turkey Shoot" - Competition created for ATC. Beginning in 1984 it was held at Laughlin AFB and in 1986, was moved to Randolph AFB. Last one flown was 1989.